Washington Senate Polls: Murray and Smiley In Close Fight and Tiffany Smiley Gains

Washington Senate Polls 2022 (Avg Of 3 Polls): Patty Murray(D): 48.6%, Tiffany Smiley(R): 46.3%

Google Search Share: Patty Murray(D): 42%, Tiffany Smiley(D): 58%

Social Media Sentiment: Patty Murray(D): -46.9%, Tiffany Smiley(D): -31.9%

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The state of Washington is set to vote to elect a member of the United State Senate on November 8th. The current Senator of Washington, Democrat Patty Murray has been holding on to the chair since 1992 and she is running for re-election.

In the Primary election which was held on April 2nd, 2022, Pat Murray and Tiffany Smiley advanced to the General election. California has been a blue state and the last time a Republican won the Senate election in Washington was back in 1980. After that, it had been full Democratic Party’s control over the seat dominated by Pat Murry who had been the Senator for the past 2 decades.

However, this election may not be an easy task for Pat Murray as most of the polls have indicated a very close fight.

Washington Senate Predictions

Who is Leading?

  • Polls: Patty Murray
  • Google Search Volume: Tiffany Smiley
  • Social Media Sentiment: Tiffany Smiley

Town Hall Event | Sen. Patty Murray & Midterm Challenger Tiffany Smiley

Washington Senate Polls: Latest Polls

DateMurray (D)Smiley (R)
Average of PollsOct 31st48.6%46.3%
The Trafalgar Group (R)Oct 25–2849%48%
Triton Polling & ResearchOct 26–2751%45%
Moore Information Group (R)Oct 20–2246%46%

Washington Senate Polls: Google Search Trend

  • Patty Murray: 42%
  • Tiffany Smiley: 58%

Washington Senate Polls: Net Sentiment

  • Patty Murray: -46.9%
  • Tiffany Smiley: -31.9%

Washington Senate Race Polls: Latest Video

Washington State Senate Race Polls: Who Were the Candidates in Primary Election?

Democratic Party

  • Pano Churchill
  • Sam Cusmir
  • Patty Murray, incumbent U.S. Senator (1993–present)
  • Ravin Pierre
  • Mohammed Said
  • Bryan Solstin

Republican Party

  • Tiffany Smiley, nurse
  • John Guenther
  • Bill Hirt

Washington Demographic Composition

As per the 2020 national-level Census, the total population of Washington is 7,901,429. Washington is the 13th largest state in the country in terms of population. the average growth rate in Washington is around 1.3% which is way higher than the national average. Seattle is the largest city in the state with a population of 684,451.

The women population in the state is 50.1% while the male population in Washington is 49.9%.

Religiously, the state has a big Christian population. 61% of the population are Christian while only 6% are non-Christians. 32% are not affiliated with any faith.

Demographically the population of Washington is dominated by the White population. Here is the demographic division of Washington:

  • White: 73.53%
  • Asian: 8.82%
  • Two or more races: 7.08%
  • Other race: 4.80%
  • Black or African American: 3.86%
  • Native American: 1.22%
  • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: 0.68%


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