Who is Val Demings and Can She Shock Rubio?

Read about an in-depth analysis of who is Val Demings and can she shock Rubio?

Born on March 12th 1957, Val Demings is one of the 7 children of her parents. She was born in Mandarin, a neighborhood in Jacksonville, Florida where her mother worked as a maid and her father was a Janitor. As for her education, she attended Wolfson High School and graduated from Florida State University, graduating with a degree in criminology in 1979.

In her early career, she worked as a state social worker in Jacksonville and later on went on to join Orlando Police Department. She was appointed chief of the Orlando Police Department in 2007, becoming the first woman to lead the department. Demings retired from her position as chief of OPD on June 1, 2011. She served the OPD for 27 years.

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Val Demings Political Life

Demings started her political life in the year 2012. The same year she was made the Democratic nominee for the US House of Representatives in Florida’s 10th congressional district. However, she lost the election narrowly to the Republican Daniel Webster.

In 2014 she expressed her interest to run for mayor of Orange County, Florida but dropped out of the mayoral race on May 20, 2014. In the year 2015, Demings once again announced that she will be running for Florida’s 10th congressional district. In 2016 when the election took place, Demings won the election and became the US House of Representatives in Florida’s 10th congressional district.

In 2018 she won her reelection unopposed. In November 2020, Demings was named a candidate for United States Secretary of Homeland Security in the Biden administration.

In June 2021, Demings announced that she will be running for Florida Senator as a Democratic Party candidate.

Who is Val Demings: Some Personal Life Details

Val Demings Party: Demings started her political career as a Democrat and she is still a part of the Democratic Party.

Demings Net Worth: Demings’ Net worth was estimated to be $824,003 in 2018. However, as of current data, her net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

Val Demings Office: Demings is a Representative of (D-FL 10th District) since 2017.

Val Demings Children: Demings has been married to Jerry Demings since 1988. The couple has three sons and five grandchildren. 

Can Val Demings Shock Marco Rubio?

The polls for the upcoming Florida Senate election have been in favor of Marco Rubio. However, Demings has been narrowing the gap and from trailing in digits now Val Demings is trailing Rubio in single digits.

The Google search volume of Demings is higher than that of Marco Rubio and her net social media sentiment is better as compared to that of Marco Rubio. Therefore, one cannot deny the fact that Val Demings could shock Marco Rubio in the upcoming Florida Senate Race. Read our Detailed analysis on Why Val Demings Could Shock Rubio?

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