Why Val Demings Could Shock Rubio?

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Florida has been a Red state and the protagonists have predicted a win for the Republican candidate in the upcoming Florida Senate Race. However, as we move closer to the election, Val Demings’ popularity has been increasing and despite Val Demings trailing in polls, she may be able to shock Mark Rubio in the upcoming Florida Senate Race.

Here are the reasons why Val Demings Could Shock Rubio in the Upcoming Florida Senate Race:

  • Val Demings Narrowing the Gap

Florida Senate race is scheduled for November 8th and before the General election, the state will vote for the Primary election which is scheduled for August 23rd. Val Demings is the frontrunner among the Democrats while Marco Rubio has no challenger in the primary election. Now if we talk about the polls for the General election, Marco Rubio has been ahead of Val Demings since the very beginning. However, the last 3 polls have shown Val Demings narrowing the gap with Marco Rubio. Rubio has been ahead of Demings by over 2 digits but now the lead has narrowed to one digit and in of the last 3 polls, Demings is ahead of Rubio. Therefore, the Val Demings vs Marco Rubio race is headed for a wire finish.

  • Google Trend Data

Google Trend data has been one of the effective tools to gauge the mood of the public. If we compare the Google Trend data of Val Demings and Marco Rubio, we can clearly see Val Demings surging while the search volume for Marco Rubio has not been as much as that of Val Demings.

The data clearly indicates that it would be unwise to write off Val Demings as her rise can be easily seen if we look at the data.

DateJuly 26th
Marco Rubio36%
Alan Grayson2%
Val Demings62%
  • Social Media Sentiment

The social media sentiment of both Val Demings and Marco Rubio is negative. But when compared, Val Demings has a better social media sentiment than Marco Rubio. In the last seven days, the positive sentiment of Val Demings is much higher as compared to that of Marco Rubio.

DateJuly 25th
Marco Rubio-34.6%
Val Demings-9.5%

Conclusion: The polls for the upcoming Florida Senate have favored Marco Rubio over Val Demings. However, if all the data points are considered, Val Demings has been able to narrow the gap and she could spring a surprise in the upcoming Florida Senate Race. Therefore, considering all the above reasons we can say, why Val Demings could shock Rubio.

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Why Val Demings Could Shock Rubio?

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