Will Joe Biden Resign Before the end Of His Term?

Will Joe Biden Resign Before the end Of His Term: Read the three reasons why Joe Biden Will Resign and the reason why Joe Biden will not Resign

President Joe Biden’s tenure is turning out to be one of the toughest for the United States. However, everything cannot be blamed on him as his tenure has been marked by several geopolitical events which have affected the lives of Americans directly. The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic crippled the economy of the country, and the pull out of American soldiers from Afghanistan and taking over of Afghanistan by the Taliban added to the failures of Joe Biden as a President.

When things were looking to settle, the Ukraine-Russia conflict started and with the scarcity of Gas, the prices skyrocketed leading to high inflation. All of these have led to major discontent among Americans toward President Joe Biden. The latest approval rating should be a matter of concern for Joe Biden and his administration. The ratings by Q-poll show that less than a third (31%) of Americans approve of the job he is doing, while 60% disapprove. Not only this, but over 90% of the Democrats don’t want Joe Biden to run for the office in 2024.

Now a question arises, “Will Joe Biden Resign Before the End of His Term?”

Will Joe Biden Resign Before the end Of His Term? 3 Reason

Mid-Term Election: The United States is heading for the mid-term election in November 2022. Currently, the Democrats control Congress but the majority margin is very thin. With the polls numbers from different states and the declining Joe Biden’s approval rating, there are indications of a Red Wave in November’s Mid-term election. If so happens, the Democratic Party may lose control of Congress which would be a major blow to Joe Biden’s administration. The defeat in the mid-term election may force Joe Biden to resign.

Bad Economic Condition: One of the major concerns for the Biden administration has been the bad state of the US economy under Joe Biden. The inflation has reached an all-time high and added to it the country is now in a technical recession. With the scarcity of gas, their Gas prices have skyrocketed which has been hurting the common citizens badly. The latest survey showed that a whopping 67% of the population believe that the country is in a worse off condition right now than it was before. If the Biden administration fails to improve the economic condition of the country, he may be forced to resign from the office of President of the United States.

The Age of President: President Joe Biden is 79 right now and on many occasions, it has been noticed that Joe Biden has been struggling to remember things or acting forgetful. The factor seems to be playing a major role and is affecting the working of Joe Biden. His fitness to be the President of the United States has been in question in the last few months. He is often seen having trouble calling names. The age factor is one of the obstacles in his work. Therefore, if Democrats fail in the mid-term election, there are chances of Joe Biden being asked to resign considering his age and health.

Reasons why Joe Biden Will Not Resign

Despite all the happenings and plenty of reason being placed for Joe Biden to resign, there are high chances of him not retiring even if Democrats loses control of Congress in the upcoming mid-term election.

  • One of the reasons why Joe Biden will not resign any time soon is that Biden has already declared he will be running for the 2024 Presidential election. If there was any chance of him retiring he would have not made this announcement. Biden on several occasions has made his intent clear about running for the office even in 2024 and he had also expressed his willingness to contest again Donald Trump as he feels it will be easier to defeat Trump in 2024.
  • Despite all the allegations of a failing economy and rising inflation, Joe Biden has always pretended not to be affected by all these factors. On multiple occasions, he has said that the economy is performing better than it was before and there was no point in worrying about this. His behavior has been completely carefree and therefore, even if the situation worsens, Joe Biden is most likely going to stick to his chair of Presidentship instead of resigning.

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Will Joe Biden Resign Before the end Of His Term?

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