Donald Trump Approval Rating

Donald Trump is running for President again. Will he become President again? What are his approval ratings?

Donald Trump is running for President again. After many of his candidates performed poorly during the Mid-term elections, there are questions being raised about Trump’s ability to win the next election. Before that, he must win the Republican Primary where he could be facing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Of course, it is unclear if DeSantis will contest. Even if DeSantis were to win the Primaries, it is unclear if MAGA Trump voters will vote for DeSantis after a competitive primary election. This being the situation, it is likely DeSantis will wait it out for 2028.

In the meanwhile, 60% of Americans view Trump running for President in 2024 as a bad thing.

Donald Trump Approval Rating

Average Approval Rating – November 30th

  • Approve: 39.5%
  • Disapprove: 53.0%
  • Net Approval: -13.5%

Economist YouGov – Nov 29th

  • Favorable: 42%
  • Unfavorable: 52%
  • Net Approval: -10%

Quinnipiac (Favorability) – November 22nd

  • Favorable: 37%
  • Unfavorable: 54%
  • Net Favorability Rating: -17%

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Donald Trump Approval Rating: Social Media Sentiments

  • National: -59.9%
  • Arizona: -62.1%
  • Michigan: -63.0%
  • Wisconsin: -64.7%
  • Pennsylvania: – 66.7%
  • Georgia: -59.3%

Trump is in serious trouble both on his approval ratings as well as social media sentiments. With the US and Global economy likely to recover before November 2024, it will be an uphill task for Trump to win again even if he manages to win the Republican Primary.

Donald Trump Approval Rating: Will Trump be the 2024 Republican Presidential Candidate?

After the mid-term election result, the 2024 Republican Party Presidential nomination election is wide open. The mid-term election result did not turn out to be what Trump might have expected as the candidates endorsed by him either lost or pulled out a marginal win.

Trump is set to face a steep challenge from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who had an impressive victory in the mid-term election. Here is the latest GOP nominee for the 2024 Presidential election: (Data From Smarkets)

  • Ron DeSantis: 42.02%
  • Donald Trump: 34.48%
  • Nikki Haley: 4%
  • Mike Pence: 3.75%
  • Liz Cheney: 0.59%

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