Justin Trudeau Approval Rating 2023

Justin Trudeau has been Prime Minister for more than 7 years now. The Liberals have now been in power in Canada for 20 of the last 30 years. The Liberals won the 2015 election with nearly 40% share, this fell to 33% in 2019 and 32.6% in the 2021 Canada Federal Election.

Separately, the Liberal party has continued to struggle in the provinces with ordinary results in both Quebec (-10%) and Ontario (+4.3%). The NDP on the other hand has struggled in the Federal elections but continues to be a powerful party in the provinces and likely to pose a threat to the Liberals at the Federal level sooner than later.

The Conservatives have been struggling with leadership issues after Stephen Harper though Pierre Poilievre appears to have given the Tories a bump and now poses a clear threat to Trudeau.

Justin Trudeau Approval Rating: Observations & Insights

Abacus Data, Latest (Sept 12th)

  • Approve: 29%
  • Disapprove: 57%

Justin Trudeau’s approval rating continues to decline and now only 31% of Canadians approve of the working of Justin Trudeau. Over 50% of Canadians want a change in government.

According to David Coletto, the CEO of Abacus Data, the figures uncovered in the most recent survey conducted by his research firm represent the Prime Minister’s lowest ratings since he assumed office eight years ago.

Additional significant discoveries from the survey indicated that the Conservative Party of Canada was gaining the lead over the Liberal Party in terms of Canadian voter preference. In the scenario of an immediate election, 37% of Canadians would support the Conservatives, while merely 28% would back the Liberals.

Latest Justin Trudeau Surveys

ABACUS Survey on Prime Minster Trudeau’s Government

A recent nationwide survey conducted by Abacus Data has revealed that a majority of Canadians, including former Liberal supporters, believe that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should step down rather than lead his party in the upcoming federal election.

  • A majority of Canadians, including former Liberal supporters, believe that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should resign rather than lead his party in the upcoming federal election.
    • According to a recent national survey conducted by Abacus Data, 56 percent of respondents expressed the opinion that Trudeau “should step down” if asked about his potential candidacy for the next election.
    • 27 percent of respondents believed Trudeau should remain in office, while 17 percent were uncertain about their stance.
    • Among those who identified themselves as having voted for the Liberal party in the 2021 federal election, 28 percent agreed that it was time for Trudeau to step aside, while 52 percent felt that he should continue running for the position of prime minister.
    • Among self-identified Liberal voters, 20 percent remained unsure about whether Trudeau should stay in office or not.

Leger Survey

  • Leger shows that the majority of Canadians are living paycheck to paycheck.
    • 47 percent say they’re living paycheck to paycheck.
    • Of the 47% 53 percent of those are aged 18 to 35 and 57 percent of people between the ages of 35 and 54.
    • People over the age of 55 were most likely to say they were faring well compared to younger age groups.

Angus Reid Poll

  • 78 percent of Canadians polled suggest parents should be informed by schools if their child wants to change their name or pronoun.
    • 43 percent said parents should be informed and must give consent if a child wants to change how they identify.
    • 35 percent feel that parents should be made aware of any changes that are happening at the school, but the changes should not require parental consent.
    • 14 percent of Canadians polled say that the parent should have no role in the decision.
    • Around 8 percent remain undecided.

Nanos Research Poll on Growing Inflation

According to the latest survey conducted by Nanos Research, an increasing number of Canadians are attributing the blame for rising inflation in Canada to the government.

  • The survey reveals that 30 percent of respondents believe that government spending is the primary factor behind the increase in consumer prices.
  • Meanwhile, 22 percent of those surveyed hold businesses responsible for raising their prices, and 10 percent point to the Bank of Canada as a contributing factor to the price escalation. These findings shed light on the public’s perception of the various factors at play in the ongoing issue of inflation in the country.

Leger Survey Of Canada Housing Crisis

A recent survey conducted by Leger on the escalating housing costs in Canada has provided insights into public opinion regarding the responsible parties for the housing crisis.

  • The survey’s results indicate that 40 percent of respondents place blame on the federal government for the ongoing housing challenges in the country.
  • Additionally, 32 percent of those surveyed hold their provincial government accountable for the housing crisis, while 22 percent expressed uncertainty about the root causes. A smaller portion, constituting 6 percent, attributed the issue to their municipal government.

These findings underscore the diverse range of perspectives on the matter and the varying degrees of responsibility assigned to different levels of government.

Justin Trudeau Approval Rating Today 2023

Average of last three Polls, Sept 21st

  • Approve: 31.5% (43% on Sep 2021)
  • Disapprove: 56.7% (53% on Sep 2021)
  • Net: -25.2% (-10.0% on Sep 2021)

Morning Consult, September 19th

  • Approve: 34% (45% on Sep 20th, 2021)
  • Disapprove: 58% (49% on Sep 20th, 2021)
  • Net: -14%

Abacus Data, September 19th

  • Approve: 29%
  • Disapprove: 57%
  • Net: -28%

Latest Federal Opinion Polls Canada 2025

Justin Trudeau vs Pierre Poilievre: Google Search Share

Last 7 days

Trudeau: 74%, Poilievre: 26%

Last 30 days

Trudeau: 87%, Poilievre: 13%

Justin Trudeau vs Pierre Poilievre: Social Media Sentiment

  • Trudeau: -64.9% (Falling)
  • Poilievre: -54.0% (Steady)

Justin Trudeau vs Pierre Poilievre Polls

Nanos, September 15th

Latest Canada Federal Poll Forecasts

Average (Sept 28)38.627.317.4
Nanos Research34.928.917.2

Seat Projection

  • CPC: 174 seats
  • LPC: 105 seats
  • NDP: 20 seats
  • BQ: 37seats
  • GPC: 2 Seats

Latest Justin Trudeau News

  • Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologized on after a Ukrainian man who fought for a Nazi unit was unwittingly applauded in parliament. The man, Yaroslav Hunka, was 98 years old at the time and was invited to the legislature by the Speaker of the House of Commons, Anthony Rota. Rota has since resigned over the incident.
  • Former senior Liberal John Manley has called for Justin Trudeau to resign as Prime Minister, citing the “Seinfeld rule.” The Seinfeld rule is a term used to describe the idea that a successful TV show should end when it is still at its peak. Manley argues that Trudeau has lost the confidence of Canadians and that it is time for him to step down.

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