Pierre Poilievre Approval Rating

The elevation of Pierre Poilievre has turned out to be advantageous for the Conservative Party. The Conservative Party has been trying to displace the Trudeau government and form their government. However, in order to do so the Conservative Party has been struggling to find a face who could lead them to victory.

In September 2022, Pierre Poilievre officially became the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. He has been a Member of the Parliament for the Ottawa riding of Carleton (formerly Nepean-Carleton) since 2004. He was the youngest MP in Parliament at the age of 25.

The next Canadian election is scheduled for 2025.

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Favourability of Pierre Poilievre: Angus Reid Survey

Favourability for the Month of August 2023

  • Favorable: 36%
  • Unfavorable: 52%


As per the Angus Reid poll, unlike Pierre Poilievre, Trudeau enjoys an advantage in terms of personal appeal among women, whereas Poilievre holds the opposite—a significant advantage among men. When comparing views among respondents of similar ages, Poilievre receives considerably more favorable opinions from men than from women. Currently, Poilievre’s support is particularly robust in Alberta and Saskatchewan, while he garners the least favor in Quebec, with just a 24 percent approval rating.

  • The Conservatives under Pierre Poilievere have seen a massive surge in acceptance in the last couple of months. As per the latest data, the Conservatives are now 10 points ahead of the Liberals. The voting intention towards the Conservatives has witnessed a massive gain. Currently, Conservatives are positioned to win nearly 180 seats while the Liberals’ tally could fall below 100 seats.
  • The public perception of Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre has improved. His approval rating is now above 30% but his negative rating is higher than the positive rating. As per the Angus Reid polls, for the month of August, the favorable rating for Poilievre is 36% while 52% are of a negative opinion about him.
  • Poilievre’s current stronghold lies in Alberta and Saskatchewan, while his popularity is at its lowest in Quebec.
  • Poilievre is viewed much more favorably by men than women. In comparison, Trudeau holds an advantage among women in terms of his personal appeal.

Pierre Poilievre Polls: Can Poilievre manage to beat Trudeau?

In the recent Abacus Data polls, Poilievre and the Conservatives are leading over Trudeau and the Liberals by 36%-29%. The LPC is behind CPC on all the big economic questions and very closely ahead on the healthcare front. There is “no natural Conservative majority in Canada” so what CPC needs to do is to attract a group of voters who wouldn’t usually come together. The Conservatives are picking on federal government spending. According to Poilievre workers are being punished for working and he is going to wage a war on work with its taxes. Poilievre says he wants Canadians to take home more money. He is pushing to cap federal government spending. To relate well with Canadians Poilievre needs to stick to bread-and-butter issues where he can mobilize conservatives from all sections and try to win some votes in the middle.

The latest poll suggests that his public image is still more negative than positive. It is to be noted that the spike in polling for his party is more attributable to the weakness of the Liberal party than any brilliance by the Opposition. Canadians might think that by punishing Trudeau, they may elect a strong, stable Poilievre majority but that wouldn’t be a good place for the Conservatives to be at this stage of the electoral cycle.

To attract middle-class Canadian voters, Mr. Poilievre will have to offer credible strategic solutions to the country’s rising cost of living, the healthcare crisis, and continued reliance on natural resources in the climate change era.

Mr. Poilievre loves to say Canada “feels broken,” which does resonate with young non-conservative Canadians. However, to win their vote the CPC leader will have to show that he is capable of mending the system.

A close majority of Canadians want a federal vote in 2023, says Ipsos poll.

According to the latest poll conducted by Ipsos, nearly half of Canadians want a federal election in 2023. Some of the key findings of the poll are as follows:

  • Usually, in polls like this, the opposition voters prefer elections while the ruling party supporters oppose them. That explains around 49% of Canadians hoping for a federal election, while in reality, around 43% of people seem to think of it as a possibility in 2023.
  • 54% of respondents said Trudeau should step down as the leader of the Liberal Party in 2023, while around 27% said they believe he’ll do so.
  • Prime Minister Trudeau’s approval rating remains at 45% among the Canadians who were polled — ahead of Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre, who got a 41% approval rating.

Justin Trudeau vs Pierre Poilievre Polls

Preferred Prime Minister of Canada Poll

Average of 2 Polls, September 4th, 2023

Pierre Poilievre vs Justin Trudeau: Google Search Share

Last 7 days

Trudeau: 72%, Poilievre: 28%

Last 30 days

Trudeau: 80%, Poilievre: 20%

Pierre Poilievre vs Justin Trudeau: Social Media Sentiment

  • Trudeau: -64.9%
  • Poilievre: -54.0%

Pierre Poilievre Approval Rating: Latest News

  • Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre has blasted the CBC for a story accusing him of pushing conspiracy theories. The story, which was published on August 16, 2023, alleged that Poilievre has been using rhetoric about the World Economic Forum (WEF) that is similar to that used by conspiracy theorists.

Latest Polls

Vote Share

  • CPC: 37.3%
  • LPC: 28.9%
  • NDP: 18.2%

Seat Projection

  • CPC: 178 seats
  • LPC: 103 seats
  • NDP: 21seats
  • BQ: 33 seats
  • GPC: 2 Seat

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