5 States with Highest Corona Growth

Which are the 5 States with Highest Corona Growth in the last one week?

  1. Assam: 112%
  2. Haryana: 109%
  3. Chhattisgarh: 10.8%
  4. Jharkhand: 77%
  5. Karnataka: 74%

These 5 States added 5564 cases in the last one week or nearly 800 cases a day. In fact, these 5 States together added 1144 Cases Yesterday. The reason for this kind of growth is increased relaxations in the State. That said this pace of growth is still slower than when Maharashtra had the same number of cases.

However, even at this pace, these States which had 12461 Cases as of yesterday are likely to end up at closer to 40000 cases by end of the month. However, the good news is these States have extremely low death rates, so there is no need to panic at all.

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