Corona Trouble: Karnataka, Assam and Haryana next?

Political Supporters are obsessed with the idea that only two States are a problem – Delhi and Maharashtra, while it is fine everywhere else. The reality is something else.

In the last two weeks, Mumbai and Delhi cases have doubled from 50385 to 102797 cases, 104% increase

Rest of India, Increased from 61816 to 123925 Cases, 100% increase

So rest of the country is also growing at the same pace. The advantage rest of the country has over Mumbai and Delhi is much lower density of population and fewer slums. Even then look at the 3 states blow

  • Karnataka increased 195% during this period
  • Assam went up 1020% during this period
  • Haryana went up 230% during this period

States that aren’t growing this fast are doing it because they are testing at a lower pace.

  • All India Tests Increased 69% in the two weeks until yesterday.
  • Gujarat increased by 46%
  • MP is up by 57%

Karnataka in the meanwhile increased testing by 108% and Assam by 183%.

The problem with slowing down testing is that fatalities tend to increase over time. 8% of closed cases in Gujarat led to deaths, MP is at 6%. Karnataka on the other hand is at 3.3% and Assam is at less than 1%

Assuming any State is Safe and doing a better job will be a mistake. Every State must be careful going forward!

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